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Structural Engineering

César Méndez Franco, SC, specializes in the structural design of structures of different materials such as steel, concrete and wood.

In addition to conventional designs, in our company we care about using advanced technologies in the field of earthquake engineering because we apply systems of passive energy dissipation, seismic dampers, Buckling Restrained Braces, base isolators, etc.

On-Site Supervision

At CMF, we believe that quality control is an important part of the construction management process. Our engineers make regular visits to work sites to ensure that all building materials meet design specifications, construction activities are on schedule and structural plans are being executed in accordance with all applicable building codes.

Structural Integrity

Certified Structural Expert and General Director of CMF, Cesar Mendez Franco has over 20 years of experience in the civil engineering industry and helps ensure that all designs are of the highest structural integrity.

International & Local Codes

All of our design practices are in accordance with the International Building Code along with other applicable regional and local building codes as well. We stay up to date on the continuously changing rules and regulations throughout the construction industry (RCDF, CFE, AISC, ACI, AISI, AWS, ASCI) to ensure that our designs are of the highest structural integrity.


We have a team of highly experienced architects, to provide our clients architectural projects that are perfectly coordinated from the beginning with the structure, resulting in obtaining more safe, efficient and economic structures.


Development of Spectra Site, accelerograms Site and environment vibration measurements of existing structures

We offer our clients services for determining the actual seismic forces that may arise in the field to build, to achieve significant savings in the structure, because all regulations provides conservatives seismic spectra that result in more costly structures.

For buildings in retrofit, we can elaborate studies of environmental vibration to determine the actual response of the building to seismic stresses and thus able to provide retrofit solutions for more efficient and economic and corresponding, properly, to the real conditions of buildings.